1. Life between Life inside another Life

    Date 18 Sep 2015
    Maternity photoshoot at Morton Arboretum Lisle Not so many words… “She opened her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” —Proverbs 31:26

  2. Fermilab Dog Family Day

    Date 06 Sep 2015
    Today I want to share some autumn memories of a day we spent in Batavia, IL at Fermilab. It was such a nice fall day, with the golden sunlight falling over us. Not so much to say, I’ll just let pictures do the talking ps: photos taken by Aina, me…

  3. Veronica & Can - Wedding

    Date 24 Aug 2015
    Wedding Sunset on a Boat Today I will post one of my first weddings that happened overseas… well, I guess it’s more of aboard a boat on lake Michigan. The venue was Chicago’s First Lady Boat and the Bride and Groom were Veronica and Can. I met them both for…

  4. The Optical Playground

    Date 19 Aug 2015
    What happens when you feel like entering in a different time and space where everything is kinesthetically interacts with you in harmony Can you imagine feeling, touching, hearing, and getting submerged into something that’s created in part by your own experience? A mixture of Barbarella’s space ship of the 30th…

  5. Baby Shower

    Date 30 Jul 2015
    I’ve covered baby showers before and each one has a particular mood. Of course when it is a baby shower of a friend, you can’t help but to add a touch of double magic to it. This baby shower was filled with love from friends and family Sandra’s sister flew…

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