Bridal Flower - Behind the Scenes

I was so glad that I could join an all-girl team on a beautiful sunny day to shoot a Bridal Session. The concept was developed by Amy who brought with her two amazing women that I had an opportunity to get to know bit about

Dana was the make ip artist and she set the mood, while she was making up the girls, with the music playing in the background and lively conversations jumping between work, nature, energy, and type of birds that land on her trees (me as a nature lover of course enjoyed that part in particular). She has a beautiful tree in front of her window that was blossoming and the light coming through the window was perfect, covering the models and her work.

On top of that she has two wonderful dogs that became my friends. A Lhasa and a Pomeranian Lulu, and I need to tell you that I always had a crush on Lulus, but never had a single Lulu ever pay any attention to me until I met Dana’s dog. We spent most of the time talking and kissing, and he kept begging for more petting. I just loved it.

Carmela came into the scene with amazing dresses! She is very dedicated to her craft and kept sewing to be sure that every little adjustment was made to fit the girls. You should look into her collection! Beautiful art. And where was Amy? Amy, as always the hard worker, was running around thinking up the set ups, creating a beautiful bouquet, and also the poetic headpiece for Tara.

Tara is a model that has the beauty that reminds me of Spanish Flamenco personalities. Also a kind of Black Swan Ballerina. I know I should not mixed any of these things on these shoots, but it’s just how I see her in my heart in her beauty. Tara also loves dogs and is into fitness, and it turned out her personal trainer is training one of my clients and a friend from my old gym! Such a small world.

Sara is the other model and we also chatted a while about all kinds of things. Sara is a really talented artist and she does custom finishes to electric guitars. I was really impressed by her work and showed it to my daughter who loved it as well.

We went to Cantigny Park and did this session with the backdrop of gorgeous flowers. Amy directed everything and I just tried to capture the behind the scenes and all the interesting things that were happening. I really love to work with Amy because she is so dynamic and no matter the situation, she can always improvise and make the best of any situation. Rain or shine, dark or light. : )

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