Baby Shower

I’ve covered baby showers before and each one has a particular mood. Of course when it is a baby shower of a friend, you can’t help but to add a touch of double magic to it. This baby shower was filled with love from friends and family.

Sandra’s sister flew directly from Florida to Illinois just to prepare her cake (and what a Cake it was). Michelle and Becky were the two best friends responsible for organizing the party. The party had games, laughter, and conversations around the birth plan and possible names of the baby.

Of course for me to talk about the mom-to-be is kind of suspicious since she was wearing a royal blue dress that was just unbelievable.

Sandra’s father made me laugh so many times with his comments while she was opening the gifts.

*A side note: the little acorns made from real almonds and the hibiscus tea. Everything was delicious!

Sandra is now counting down to that miraculous moment when the precious baby will come to this world.

Congratulations to the Costa Family! 


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