Veronica & Can - Wedding

Wedding Sunset on a Boat. Today I will post one of my first weddings that happened overseas… well, I guess it’s more of aboard a boat on lake Michigan.

The venue was Chicago’s First Lady Boat and the Bride and Groom were Veronica and Can. I met them both for the first time at an art night in Pilsen and we had a pleasant conversation, sometimes even in my mother language, since the groom speaks Portuguese very well. When they contacted me about covering their ceremony, I was ecstatic.

Veronica is a sweet, down to earth girl, who knows what she wants. She has traveled to many places and her history with Can mirrors a little my history with my husband. They lived for a while overseas (in Turkey because Can is from there), they traveled together to many places and shared a lot of experiences with each other before they finally settled down here in USA.

The ceremony and reception had a particular mood with the spirit of Veronica in every single detail. I have so many fond memories about that night, but before all of it I need to say that this wedding was a surprise for me due to the weather. 30 minutes before I left my house it was still raining hard and I was wondering how I could shoot in the way that I pictured in my mind in these conditions. I drove to Chicago and when I got to the boat the sky was still cloudy and it was very foggy. But, miraculously, once they kissed and kicked off the celebration, the spectacular show of mother nature removed its veil right before my eyes. For me, seeing them together in love, the family and friends celebrating together with the backdrop of this amazing sky was the high point of my day. I cried together with the family and then had so much fun with the mom of the groom dancing in the night. They watched the fireworks on Navy Pier and in the end we all floated through Chicago canals illuminated by the city lights.

Yesterday was their 1 year anniversary of this journey, beginning of which I was honored to share and capture. Congratulations and all the love for you, Veronica and Can !!!

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