Bridal Session

Bridal session at a winery. 

I had the opportunity of being able to join Amy Aiello at a conceptual photo session at Lynfred Winery.

First of all, I did not know about the beautiful place and once I got there, I was astonished looking around. They have the most beautiful suites for the guests and visitors, each room with such a nice personality/decor and memories. We stayed at the French room and in the photos you can see the pretty details that compose this room. Amy reunited the most amazing team to work with her. I was in charge of the making of/behind the scenes photos.

Ivonne and Khavoni were the make up and hair stylists. Working next of these three women and seeing their work made me so proud of being there. I worked with MUAHS before and many are good, but I can’t explain well nor to say - they had some particular feeling and mood about what they were doing while they were preparing the model. They demonstrated such a confidence and personality that remind me a lot of some MUAH friends from Brazil.

The model was Portia and she was extremely beautiful. She was posing with such class and she had Betty Davis eyes. Mellow, seductive, and passionate. Aware of what to do and when to do it. Good vibration also
and profound humility. It was really good work with her.

Tomasz was the videographer and his work speaks for itself, which you should check out at his website. He has a particular eye for the scenes and we got along very well. Monique was wardrobe/styling and she helped a lot with all the creations. Lovely and creative is what I can call her.

We had also the special flowers that Andrew’s Garden brought to this session. Three different styles: a piece of art, romance, and glamor. For me, it was a great and opportunity to work with all these people. Stress free, collaborative, and with a lot of laughs. Talking about Amy after only knowing her for a short time is easy for me. She’s the kind of person that gives you hugs, encouragements, and is such a positive human being. I’m honored now to show you what I captured during this session:

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