Great Expectations

“I’m not going to tell the story the way it happened. I’m going to tell it the way I remember it.”

This session was created on a spring day. A very memorable spring day. Everything went smoothly and according with the time of the facts produced by these two little creatures. One of the creatures is my daughter Aina. The other is her best friend Kaeden.

The scenery was downtown Naperville and also our apartment building. This was a sort of farewell date because Kaeden left our area. Between my memories of missing him and everything that they both created together - Kaeden was Aina’s best and first male friend - he left me with so many emotions that I didn’t want the time to fade away. I’m still going to publish the first session with them (because that was how we all met) and the last session before he moved.

While everything happened in front on my eyes, I tried as an observer to keep a distance and let them be. But there was something right from the beginning, maybe because of the light, the mood, or the interaction between them, but it reminded me a movie I watched a long time ago - Great Expectations.

I took some quotes from the movie to enchant more this history.

Finn: What’s it like not to feel anything?

Estella: Let’s say there was a little girl, and from the time she could understand, she was taught to fear… let’s say she was taught to fear daylight. She was taught that it was her enemy, that it would hurt her. And then one sunny day, you ask her to go outside and play and she won’t. You can’t be angry at her can you?

Finn: I knew that little girl and I saw the light in her eyes, and no matter what you say or do, that’s still what I see.

Estella: We are who we are. People don’t change.

Kaeden usually rang our door bell many times every day before Aina came from school. And sometimes she could not go outside to play. Sounds familiar to the memories of Finn and Estella. And of course I hope as they are growing up that they will still have a chance to see each other again.

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