Love Session at Lake Michigan

Today I want to talk about a summer engagement love. Jeremy and Wellington have a beautiful history together.

In this session, I didn’t want to capture just their union, but I wanted to celebrate in their way - why they are with each other, by that I could just felt and see later that one word is reasonable to resume this: complicity.

I could see with my eyes how much Jeremy loves and is so happy next of Well. I could see also how much Well is happy and feels loved by Jeremy.

They flew from Texas and everything happened in Lake Michigan, in Ardmore Beach during a sunset on the day of the Pride Parade in Chicago Downtown.
In all the scenes, I was just a witness trying to not interrupt in their interactions and playful moments.


Falar sobre a relacao de Jeremy e Wellington para mim, em palavras vai ser dificil. 

Eles tem uma coisa viva, bonita, que brilha nessa interacao deles que ficou muito claro durante a nossa sessao. Jeremy tem brilho nos olhos de amor a Wellington.  Wellington por sua vez se desarma (nao que esteja pronto ao ataque), mas nao resiste aos carinhos de Jeremy. E assim foi nosso dia, na frente do lago que eu mais sinto como mar, esperando o por do sol com todo um cenario de tarde quente, enquanto a parada gay se realizava no centro da cidade de Chicago.

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