The Optical Playground

What happens when you feel like entering in a different time and space where everything is kinesthetically interacts with you in harmony?

Can you imagine feeling, touching, hearing, and getting submerged into something that’s created in part by your own experience?
A mixture of Barbarella’s space ship of the 30th century with a minimal-style-white-touch of peace?

I met Leila for the first time at an event of amazing artists that got together for a night of music, art, and conversations called Loosey Goosey

After that I saw her at a Chicago Burning Man community event called Resonate where she did a performance like a doll. So as you can tell, she’s pretty much talented in every way.

Than we came to Lakes of Fire (a regional Burning Man event that is held in Michigan) that happened in June (and pictures from that are coming once I finish my wedding season), walking on the festival we saw this white-shadow full of people installation and we decided to check it out. Leila was there, I realized that she was the pretty doll girl and we had a quick chat. While we were chatting, the installation was calling to me to step inside and experience it.

Basically you remove your shoes and you have an option of putting on a white jumpsuit (that makes you look like a mad scientist lab worker on some lunar installation) and you are welcome to step into a fluffy sensory trip. I really don’t want to talk too much about what happens inside because it really needs to be experience in person. But I will leave some pictures and urge everyone to support this amazing project by going here.

My daughter had the idea to observe the rest of the festival with the 3D glasses that make the experience so intense.. and as you can see in fact  - this changed complete our perception of the world

ps: I don’t have any affiliation with this project and I wrote everything from my heart because it was an amazing experience. I do believe in Art and Artists and I do love to show appreciation for the time and energy that people put into the little and big things that they want to share with the world.

Welcome to The Optical Playground!

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