1. Maternity Milk Bath

    29 Jul 2018
    In a morning of a winter day, I came to Alicia’s house to celebrate motherhood in a different way. The femininity of Alicia in purple colors and flowers opened up for me.

  2. Jax’s Baby Shower

    21 Jul 2018
    A Mexican Baby Shower for the little star Jaxith! Mom Silvia dressed in a gorgeous (off course) blue lace dress. A lot of family and friends got together to celebrate the special day.  It was really beautiful to see everyone get along to help setting up the party and making…

  3. Studio 383

    03 Jan 2018
    Tive a grande honra de passar uma tarde no Studio de uma querida amiga brasileira e pude assim registrar um pouco da rotina de um salao, do movimento do deixar se embelezar. _____________________________________________________ One full day at a beautiful hair salon in Brazil

  4. Sweet Amora Cafe e Confeitaria

    31 Oct 2017
    I had the honour of photograph a Brazilian delicatessen sweet store of a family that I carry with my heart ______________________________________________________________________ Tive a honra de fotografar uma doceria deliciosa, aberta a pouco tempo por uma familia que carrego em meu coracao. Criado a duas maos, eles fazem arte com sabor,…

  5. Blindados de Mi vida

    20 Oct 2017
    Giovanni and Larissa. Sea and Soul. Underwater session at one Waterfall. Going underworld for me its something special, specially when I do have company. We were welcomed by so many cute fishes.  We shared. We lived __________________________ Giovanni e Larissa  juntos debaixo de uma cachoeira no litoral de Sao Paulo.…

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