1. A menina e o Mar {The girl and the Sea}

    2017-01-17 17:52:00 UTC
    Engagement Session of Larissa and Giovanni. A Session made in the Litoral of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  _________________________________________________________________________________ Larissa e Giovanni fizeram uma sessao linda comigo de amor, de enlace, de confirmacao. Fizemos a sessao durante o sol nascendo, numa praia bem escondidinha e privada, na reserva da Jureia. Tinha a…

  2. Matos Family in Quinta do Golf - Destination Lifestyle Session

    2017-01-15 15:38:00 UTC
    Matos family were my gracious hosts during my visit to Brazil, in a suburban outside country city called Sao Jose do Rio Preto Their generosity and kindness during my holiday was more then I ever expected. I had such an fantastic time because of them and I will be forever…

  3. Love Session at Lake Michigan

    2017-01-14 22:55:00 UTC
    Today I want to talk about a summer engagement love. Jeremy and Wellington have a beautiful history together In this session, I didn’t want to capture just their union, but I wanted to celebrate in their way - why they are with each other, by that I could just felt…

  4. Vovo do Amor e a grande Surpresa (Grandpa of love and the big surprise)

    2016-10-07 13:34:00 UTC
    Talking about this session will be a mission. All of this happened in less than 24 hours of my time in Rio de Janeiro. I went to capture the meeting of a family that was spread out all over the country and also overseas. Paula is one of my best…

  5. Follow the Sun so which way is the wind blowing, what does your heart say…

    2016-07-01 11:08:00 UTC
    I’ve been pretty busy lately. Without tears, well… it’s kind of hard to explain. So I leave the lyric and our day. [the saudade its a pain] Follow, follow the sunand which way the wind blowswhen this day is done.Breathe, breathe in the air.Set your intentions.Dream with care.

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