1. Blindados de Mi vida

    20 Oct 2017
    Giovanni and Larissa. Sea and Soul. Underwater session at one Waterfall. Going underworld for me its something special, specially when I do have company. We were welcomed by so many cute fishes.  We shared. We lived __________________________ Giovanni e Larissa  juntos debaixo de uma cachoeira no litoral de Sao Paulo.…

  2. Sea and Soul

    20 May 2017
    Larissa, my mermaid. The one that brings the sea in the hair, in her smile, in her body _______________________________________________________________ Larissa eh dona da loja encanto de sereia, onde ela confecciona com muito carinho varias pecas em crochet.  Larissa eh como uma irman para mim, distante fisicamente mas dentro do meu…

  3. Village of Toconao (Atacama Desert) and Wine Tour

    30 Apr 2017
    ​ I could spend hours talking about the Vine Tour into the Desert. How often do you have an opportunity to taste the wine in one of the driest places on earth? With all grapes growing with the power and resources of nature and the man working together? The magic…

  4. Maternity Session at Ibirapuera Park - Brazil

    17 Feb 2017
    Casual Maternity Session with my best and special old friend from Brazil and her first baby. The session happened in Ibirapuera Park, one of the must-see sites in Sao Paulo. With rain, sun, clouds and nature, I captured the love of the new family.  Congratulations Katia and Marcelo on this…

  5. A menina e o Mar {The girl and the Sea}

    17 Jan 2017
    Engagement Session of Larissa and Giovanni. A Session made in the Litoral of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  _________________________________________________________________________________ Larissa e Giovanni fizeram uma sessao linda comigo de amor, de enlace, de confirmacao. Fizemos a sessao durante o sol nascendo, numa praia bem escondidinha e privada, na reserva da Jureia. Tinha a…

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