1. My butterfly Raver

    14 Feb 2015
    I don’t take pictures because the person is beautiful or the scene ismemorable to be in a portrait. I take pictures because I feel. I feellove and connection with what’s going on in front of my eyes. It’skind of hard to explain this because usually what I capture latter onends…

  2. Dacha

    12 Feb 2015
    Mother’s Day was different for me this past year. We took a short trip to a place where my in laws have a cute tiny trailer. It was my first time inside a trailer and it felt so magical I could not stop to think about hooking the trailer behind…

  3. Fascination

    19 Jan 2015
    ​Itzel I spent an afternoon with her and seeing her smile made me remember Brazilian song by an amazing talented singer Elis Regina. Itzel comes with a beauty that shines through you. Her origin is from Mexico and you can see part of the history that she is carrying through…

  4. Farewell of the Yellow Sun.

    16 Jan 2015
    It was the last day with them. Can you imagine how empty I felt after?… O ultimo dia eh sempre o mais dificil para mim. Quando voce recebe pessoas queridas na sua casa, e esta a algum tempo sem a sua lingua materna, cultura, e costumes em volta, tudo fica…

  5. Yellow on the Sun-Set

    15 Jan 2015
    Spending the entire sunset on the Willis Tower. Such an special moment with special people. From there, we went on the Chicago pizza style restaurant and afterwards to end our magical night; we walked on the Wacker Dr and River Walk between all the Skyscrapers light Entao eis que a…

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